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Cloud Services Comparison: Azure vs. AWS vs. GCP, Know with one is best

Anyone who want to use facilities of Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP, VMware Clouds is willing to know cloud services Comparison among all . All these are leading cloud service providers on the market. They believing in that the retail platform, Amazon, could serve a bigger and better purpose. That’s when Amazon started looking at it from a broader business perspective. So Lets have a look on Cloud Services Comparison.

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform that enables you to test, build, deploy, and even manage applications that are located in Microsoft Azure data centers or Availability Zones. It allows you to integrate with different programming languages ​​and open source and Microsoft Stack products / tools. It was released on February 1, 2010 as Windows Azure and later renamed Microsoft Azure as we know it today.

Know Google Cloud Platform Services

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), also known as Google Cloud, announced in 2008 its first public cloud service Google App Engine, which went public in 2011.This is a first platform as a service introduced by Google Cloud. It introduced various service cloud services into the public domain where popular Google services like Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, etc. reside.

Popluarly known Google have services in machine learning, data analysis, computing, storage, etc.

Create, run, manage, connect and protect all your applications in any cloud. VMware Multi-Cloud solutions offer a cloud operating model for all applications.

Market Share:

Speaking of the numbers, AWS had a clear advantage in the market, as it started well before others. But it still remains in the first position in the market and by a considerable margin, since the fourth quarter of 2019, these were the respective market shares as follows:

• Amazon Web Services: 33% of the market share • Microsoft Azure: 18% • Google Cloud Platform: 8% of the market share

Amazon web administrations:

• Regions: 24 dispatched and 3 reported • Availability zones: 76 • Countries served: 245

Microsoft Azure:

• Regions: 60+ Countries served: 140

Google Cloud Platform:

Among the three, Google Cloud is the youngest and has a smaller customer base compared to others. But we must not forget that Google Cloud is the home of YouTube and Gmail. Here is a list of some other popular clients they have:

• HSBC • Snapchat • HTC • Phillips

Virtual machine software (VMS) market:

Worldwide revenue for the VMS market was $ 3.32 billion i representing an increase of 2.9%. The top 3 vendors based on global revenue were VMware, IBM, and Huawei. together they represent 89.6% of the total market. The virtualization market is very mature and faces saturation and commodification trends.

The emergence of containers and cloud systems software (CSS) is also changing the dynamics and revenue allocations from this market

Cloud Services Comparison between AWS Azure GCP services

Amazon web services

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for object, block, or file storage, AWS has it all covered. Not only that, it takes storage to a different level by providing services like Amazon Storage Gateway, Snowball, and Snowmobile. These services guarantee coverage even if your requirement is hybrid storage.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is just as good when it comes to storing your data in the cloud. It covers you with basic storage services like Blob Storage for storing objects that can be unstructured data. Azure Provides queued storage and also help in dealing with high volume storage workloads. It also provides file and disk storage.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud is also limited in terms of storage services as is Compute’s domain. However, you have a unified object storage service and even a persistent disk storage option. Only Amazon Snowball provides a data transfer application and also supports online data transfer services.

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Database services

Amazon web services

When it comes to databases and archives, Amazon also has a host of cloud services to offer. They are SQL compliant databases like Aurora or even databases.

Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure offers many extensive database options. The SQL database requirements are met by three database services.

• SQL database • DB for MySQL • Database for PostGreSQL

It covers Data Warehouse requirements with Cosmos DB and its stable storage for NoSQL.It is designed for specific organizations that use Microsoft SQL Server for their data centre.

Google Cloud Platform:

Provides SQL and NoSQL database services. Google Cloud Spanner is a service for SQL-based databases that are designed for the requirements of critical data workloads. Cloud Datastore are your options for NoSQL database requirements. choices it offers contrasted with Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services is even less and restricted.

VMware cloud:

VMware Cloud Foundation is the hybrid cloud platform for managing virtual machines and organizing containers, built on full-stack hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology. Increase business agility and flexibility with the hybrid cloud that offers it all.

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