What is xendesktop:

Installing applications on a local OS has always been problematic. While users are most familiar with local applications, IT must deploy applications, manage updates, and apply patches to each desktop device individually. Citrix solved that application delivery problem 19 years ago, introducing hosted applications, where applications are installed on servers in the data center and then accessed via any client device. Then, with the shared desktops capability in XenApp, Citrix gave IT managers the ability to provide a standardized, server OS desktop with installed applications to users, providing a consistent workspace from anywhere.
Most recently, application streaming in XenApp extended application virtualization to the client device by providing offline application use while giving IT centralized management of applications. With these three technologies provided by XenApp, it seems that IT has the best of both worlds: centralized application and desktop management with offline application use. However, for most use cases, each desktop is still managed in the traditional way: the OS is running on the physical PC, increasing desktop management costs. With Citrix XenDesktop, a Windows XP or Vista OS is delivered as a virtual desktop running in the data center. Applications are delivered to XenDesktop virtual desktops using XenApp. To IT administrators, this means they no longer manage individual instances of the OS and all of the continual updates, patches, and security fixes, on each physical PC. Instead, they manage a single instance of the OS in the data center, which is combined with user settings and applications delivered by XenApp at the time of logon, to provide users with their own personalized desktop and applications delivered from the data center.
By using XenApp with XenDesktop, organizations dramatically lower the TCO and improve IT agility for managing physical PCs compared to traditional desktop management models xenapp’s been for a long time with four name changes like Winframe,Metaframe,presentation server and the present name i.e xenapp. Desktop virtualization is an appealing solution, however, desktop virtualization solutions that do not separate applications from desktop PCs, unnecessarily increase costs and reduce desktop management flexibility.

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