Need for and Significance of VDI Solutions

Need for and Significance of VDI Solutions

Virtual Desk Infrastructure has emerged from the need for cost-effective and manageable desktop computing solutions. Wikipedia defines VDI, or Virtual Desk Infrastructure, as “the server computing model enabling desktop virtualization that encompasses the hardware and software that’s required to support the virtualized environment.” In other words, VDI Solutions provide desktop images in a virtualized environment from a centralized hosting server. It facilitates a user rich experience while simultaneously providing complete control to the end user.

The acceptance of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is becoming more ubiquitous everyday. It is believed that VDI adds a new dimension to the patterns of traffic involved in a data center. This networking employs an advanced optimization technology, thus enabling desktop images and associated data to be sent within a short span of time. One can effectively work using the concept of layering. Layering involves the separation of various things like operating systems, data environments and applications so that they can be independently processed.

Need for VDI Solutions

Forrester calls VDI Solutions “the most important technology to hit the corporate PC space since the thin client.” In many organizations, the challenge of desktop support increases with the size of the organization. Tasks like securing data, procuring desktop computer data, updating antivirus signatures, patching desktop operating systems, etc., need to be dealt with. VDI solutions address these issues by promoting a remote developer with one or a group of virtual machines that can be used, rebooted, destroyed and easily rebuilt. It also manages the client application in a centralized location. This technology helps reduce operational costs with its centralized management system and increased security, and also provides the user with the convenience of using the desktops as a service anywhere.

The Significance and Importance of VDI Solutions:

A VDI solution potentially improves the data integrity of user information as all the data can be maintained and backed up in the data center. It costs much less than the current desktop environment and concurrently increases productivity, security and agility. Other benefits of VDI include:

It reduces the need to purchase desktop computers and also helps in reducing the costs involved in desktop support.

It centralizes client management.

It helps in swift client deployment.

It helps in increasing and improving data security.

It consequently reduces electricity costs.

It also leads to a reduction in application compatibility problems.

VDI Solutions use technology that puts emphasis on the functionality and practicality of network infrastructure. It is a long term investment that ensures better utilization and management of hardware resources.


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