Efficient Data Center Infrastructure Management Solutions


Efficient Data Center Infrastructure Management Solutions

Technological innovations over the years has transformed  organizations humble entry  into the techno savvy world through desktop PC’s  to a larger format computer centers  with high-end IT infrastructure  called the data center. However, further technological advancements like virtualization and customer demands have led to data centers becoming bigger and more complex. To make these data centers more adaptable, eco-efficient and economically sustainable, organizations need to make use world class data center infrastructure management strategies.

As organization progress with highly scalable line of physical and virtual appliances, proactive implementation of data-center infrastructure management would enable organizations with  real-time monitoring solutions for both interdependent as well as independent systems connected in the network. The use of specialized hardware, software and sensors will help organizations gain  greater business value.

Gartner research predicts data center infrastructure management will penetrate into nearly 60% of data centers by 2014. Organizations that are ready to deploy latest cloud infrastructure, need to also implement best of the breed DCIM software to achieve high levels of efficiency and reliability. Besides such high-end virtual appliances would provide enterprises, and cloud service providers data center automation for security and compliance to cloud architecture.

Data center automation being the principle behind the success of a data center, DCIM facilitates automatic handling of  data migrations, storage reclamation,  monitoring and creating reports  on server status and storage utilization.

Data Center Infrastructure Management facilitates availability of most of the infrastructure resource configuration on the  organization’s fingertips thus  ensuring optimal use of resources paving way for lowering of data center costs.

With business always looking  for reduced cost, risk mitigation and maximized value,  data center modernization with intelligent operational automation and real-time visibility becomes the need of the hour. The solutions provided by leading service providers include cloud automation, compliance automation, security solutions besides data center automation. With the expertise of having developed solutions for over 100 years and with successful deployment in large institutions, offices of corporate giants, on a global front, these data center infrastructure management solutions provide secure access, visibility and control to the resources, irrespective of its location  on the cloud or in the data center. This solution also provides visibility and control across hybrid cloud topologies, networks, servers and applications.

Further, such automated data center infrastructure management solutions also assure client organizations of continuous operational and security compliance benchmarks for resources both from the data centers as well as from the cloud. This saves the organizations from legal penalties if any.


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